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  • For any participant with resources who would like support this program with full cost tuition

  • For Arts Workers

  • For Low Income Participants

  • For BIPOC Participants

LEIMAY is a community run organization that depends on the circulation of resources within our community. If you are in a position to cover the full cost of tuition, it would be greatly appreciated. If you require subsidy, please choose the option that best fits your financial situation. If you are able to contribute an amount that is not listed, please use the Paypal100 code and send your payment through paypal.

Please CLICK HERE to fill out our LEIMAY Community Demographics Survey!

Why Do we Ask Your Demographic Information?

Historically, organizations like LEIMAY have gone and remained underfunded due to a myriad of reasons. As a small non-profit organization, one of the ways in which we can have access to resources is by applying to grants to government agencies and private foundations. In the past, our applications have not been competitive enough due to our lack of data collection of the communities we serve. As we continue to work towards accessing funds to our programs, we ask you to please help us by answering the questions provided. The information you provide will remain anonymous in any application or reporting. Please note that every question is optional, including the assigning of your name to your response.

Terms and Releases


Masks and health screenings are required for this in-person class. LEIMAY's policy states that participants are required to show proof they have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. However, if you are unable to show proof due to disability, a reasonable accommodation may be provided in a cooperative dialogue of good faith.


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